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ProFlex™ Paver Edging is a durable Professional Hardscape Edging Product made by the makers of EdgePro® and is available Exclusively at The Home Depot. ProFlex™ Paver Edging is engineered to provide heavy-duty support for 60mm concrete or brick pavers in patio, walkway, or driveway applications. Manufactured from construction grade vinyl, ProFlex™ Paver Edging will save you time and money over the following edge restraint options.

  • Concrete - time consuming, messy, cracks over time
  • Wood / Wood Composite - don’t curve easy, deteriorate over time
  • Metal - difficult to work with, rust over time

ProFlex™ Paver Edging has a unique “clip to curve” design that allows each piece to be used for both straight and curved applications. With a simple clip of the spine, ProFlex™ Paver Edging becomes flexible where you need it.

Commercial Grade
ProFlex™ Paver Edging is the one of the heaviest retail Paver Edgings available on the market. Made from commercial grade vinyl, ProFlex™ Paver Edging is much heavier than competitive products manufactured from polyethylene.

Dimensions: Wall Height – 1.8”,   Tab Depth 2.75”,   Individual Piece Length 72”

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