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Q: Why is ProFlex™ Paver Edging by EdgePro® needed for paver installation?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging is an integral part of interlocking pavement systems. By providing lateral resistance to foot and vehicle traffic, ProFlex™ Paver Edging sustains the integrity of the interlock between pavers. If ProFlex™ Paver Edging is not used, the joints between pavers will expand under the forces of foot and vehicular weight as well as with any freeze/thaw cycles.
Q: Where is ProFlex™ Paver Edging available for purchase?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging is an exclusive product for The Home Depot. It is sold in most Home Depot Stores in 6 foot individual pieces. ProFlex™ Anchoring Spikes are also available in stores in 8-count packs. If you are not located near a Home Depot store, the product is available on in 24 ft. and 48 ft. project kits. The project kits include anchoring spikes.
Q: What type of material is ProFlex™ Paver Edging manufactured from?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging products are manufactured from rigid PVC; the same material used in vinyl siding and vinyl windows. Rigid PVC is durable and will not rust, crack, rot, or deteriorate due to weather exposure or ground conditions. Dimex custom compounds rigid PVC in-house to the proper material specifications for ProFlex™ Paver Edging.
Q: If ProFlex™ Paver Edging is manufactured from rigid PVC, will it bend for curves?
A: Although ProFlex™ Paver Edging is manufactured from rigid PVC, it is made easily flexible for curved installations requiring the tightest radius.
Q: How is ProFlex™ Paver Edging made flexible for curved installations?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging is a 2-in-1 Paver Edging product. It can be used as both a rigid edging (straight sections), and a flexible edging (curved sections). ProFlex™ Paver Edging is ready to use for straight installations. For curved installations, simply clip or cut out the spines where needed to make the piece flexible.
Q: How many anchoring spikes are recommended when installing ProFlex™ Paver Edging?
A: A minimum of 4 spikes are recommended per 6 feet of paver edging (or spacing no more than 18"). Installers may prefer to use more spikes in curves. Install anchoring spikes on each end of the piece and 18" apart.
Q: What length spikes are most commonly used?
A: 8" spikes are most common. Longer spikes are available at The Home Depot. Talk with a store associate in the commercial product area.
Q: What tools can be used to cut the ProFlex™ Paver Edging?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging can be cut with common tools such as a hacksaw, miter saw, etc. For clipping or notching out the spines, typical hand pliers or landscape hand snippers will easily cut ProFlex™ Paver Edging.
Q: How does ProFlex™ Paver Edging compare to other manufactured plastic edge restraints on the market?
A: ProFlex™ Paver Edging is among the heaviest paver edging available on the market. This extra weight supports paver brick, rock, and concrete applications. Many competitive products are manufactured from polyethylene, a lighter material than the PVC. ProFlex™ Paver Edging is made from commercial grade construction materials.
Q: Why is the weight of ProFlex™ Paver Edging important to a typical paver installation.
A: When installed properly, the substantial weight of ProFlex™ Paver Edging provides a durable perimeter to more effectively hold pavers in place.
Q: How does ProFlex™ Paver Edging compare to metal edge restraints on the market?
A: Steel and aluminum edge restraints on average are more expensive than ProFlex™ Paver Edging products. Once a metal edge restraint is bent or shaped, it is extremely challenging to have it reformed back to its original shape. In comparison to steel edging, ProFlex™ Paver Edging will not rust.
Q: Why is ProFlex™ Paver Edging a better alternative to a concrete toe restraint?
A: A concrete toe is susceptible to failure due to freeze/thaw conditions. It is hard to alter the original design if using a concrete toe. A concrete toe requires more variables to install such as mixing materials and multi-step labor, which can impact quality.
Q: What is meant by "one-piece system" for the flexible paver restraint products?
A: One-piece system refers to the dual use feature of the ProFlex™ Paver Edging profile to be used for BOTH straight and curved installations. They can be used as both straight and curved even within the same piece of edging.
Q: Which is the right way to install ProFlex™ Paver Edging , horizontal tabs underneath pavers or adjacent to the pavers?
A: Both methods are acceptable and it is a matter of preference to installers.